Parental Zone

Parental Involvment

At stepping Stones we believe effective partnerships and positive relationship are crucial. Parents/carers are encouraged to work closely with staff to support children, parents and carers will be supported through difficult and sensitive circumstances, effectively working together giving children the best.

Staff will work in partnership with parents/carers relating to families with respect and involving you as a key partner in the development of your child/children.

Transitions from home to nursery

We at Stepping Stones appreciate the complexities for children and their families during the settling process into nursery. It is paramount that this process is sensitive to the needs of children and their families. A wealth of research across cultures identifies how crucial and important early attachments for our youngest children impacts upon social attachments and happier children.  Children’s key worker and a member of management will arrange home visits prior to nursery settling sessions

As we strive for excellence and focus on improving outcomes for children and to assist this transition settling processes will be adapted to suit the needs of individual children and their families.  All staff will work continuously to ensure children and their families feel happy, safe, respected and included in the learning environment.

Through our induction process parents will be made aware of their child’s plan. This document will initially be completed with parents to ensure accurate information and next steps in development and learning. Parents will be invited to attend a quarterly review child’s plan, assessments and learning journals.

Parents Committee

Stepping Stones Nursery has committee comprising of staff members and several parents, representing different rooms in the nursery.

The committee meets regularly to discuss and plan events that will benefit our children, support the local community and charities. We work together making use of the skills and resources around us by reaching out to parents and the local community. Minutes of the meetings are recorded and all members have the opportunity to take part in discussions.

Food Menus

Links to the lunch and snack menus can be found below.

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NHS Guidelines

Link to the NHS guideline sheet of illnesses.

NHS Guidelines

Regulating and inspection process

The regulation of care (Scotland) Act, 2001, makes provision for the integrated inspection of Early Education and Childcare Services by Social Care, Social Work Improvement Scotland and HM Inspectorate of Education (HMIE).

Links here to Inspection Reports

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