About us

Stepping Stones Nursery Johnstone was established in May 2003. We are adjacent to Johnstone train station and numerous primary schools. We provide high quality and flexible childcare to the local and wider community. We provide childcare provision for children aged 6 weeks to those not yet attending primary school. Staff and management structure is as follows:

Lorna Bradley


Vikki Swan


Claire Conner

Assistant Depute

Roles & Responsibilities

Responsible for the day to day operations. Provide direction for the team, engage and motivate and inspire others. 

To ensure staff team work professionally together to provide a high quality service. Influence planning, monitoring and review all aspects of childcare. Promote continuous improvement and encourage creativity and innovation with a focus on improving outcomes for children. Enthusiastic, reliable and self-motivated with a commitment to high levels of quality care and education. 

Ability to maintain positive and supportive relationships with children, colleagues and parents. Lead and motivate a growing team of practitioners. 

Positively communicate with parents/carers. Effective use of self-evaluation toolkits and contribution towards self-evaluation across the nursery HGIOELC/ A quality framework and Realising the ambition.

Natalie Hays

Senior Practitioner

Lisa Mcnab

Senior Practitioner

Gemma Gourlay

Senior Practitioner

Roles & Responsibilities

Lead, support and motivate practitioners,  encouraging positive relationships and the creation of a warm and stimulating environment. Plan, observe, evaluate and reflect on learning experiences for children. Be a reflective practitioner who will role model and work with a team. Ensure the health and safety policies executed. Keep up to date with all Early Years documents, regulations, children acts and new policies and procedures.

Kerry Quinn


Josceline Street


Leigh Mckellar


Dawn Keenan


Laura Black


Marisha Rygielski


Roles & Responsibilities

Promote the wellbeing and protection of children. Contribute to assessment of children’s needs and the development of care plans. Support children to develop and maintain supportive relationships. Support children to achieve their educational potential.

Cerys Spiers


Roles & Responsibilities

Contribute as part of a team to the provision of a quality early learning and childcare service. Work to the principles of the national care standards for childcare. Demonstrate a commitment to on-going CPD through training, weekly planning and self-evaluation activities.


We are regulated by Care inspectorate and Education Scotland.

Our registration details with care inspectorate can be viewed on the link below. This will give you information about the location, for  whom the service is intended, age range and limits. You can also access all recent inspections reports on this link.

Aims and objectives

Within Stepping Stones we aim to provide the highest quality of early learning and childcare. We will provide a welcoming, safe and happy learning environment. An ethos and culture of which is inclusive, child focused and nurturing. 

Children’s education experiences are shaped by the values and dispositions of all those who work to educate them. Our staff team have a shared vision for our children and future generation where a child’s individual needs are paramount.


We adopt a Froebelian philosophy in delivering early learning and childcare, this promotes an ideology of connectiveness and unity. We have formed very positive relationships with all receiving primary schools and have shared community and sustainability initiatives with Thorn Primary school. Each child and their family are recognised for their individuality and personal aspirations. We are privileged to be such an integral part of your child’s development and learning.

We are committed to meeting and promoting the principles of Dignity and respect, Compassion, Be included, Responsive support and Wellbeing.

Standard 1. I experience high quality care and support that is right for me.

We value the diversity, inclusion and input of all service users. We have a commitment to getting it right for every child. A responsive, flexible and child centred approach is a priority.

We provide an integrated service with a collaborative approach. We strive to continue to promote partnerships with parents and wider community.

Staff ensure all children receive a review of care plan and learning journals every three months to ensure relative information and progression in development and learning.

Standard 2. I am fully involved in all decisions about my care and support

We promote a range of cross curricular learning experiences and opportunities. These are influenced by children as we support the development of skills, abilities and approaches to life-long learning

We provide a safe, nurturing and enriching learning environment. We promote respectful and positive relationships developing harmony and life-long friendships

Standard 3. I have confidence in the people who support and care for me

Management and staff are committed to ensuring the best outcomes for every child. We acknowledge and respect how critical children’s earliest experiences are.

Our skilled and motivated staff team are committed to ensuring best outcomes for children. Staff show compassion and understanding to each families individual circumstances

Standard 4. I have confidence in the organisation providing my care and support

We work very hard to develop a shared vision and positive outcomes for children and their families. We equate our visions, values and aims to Froebelian principles.

We ensure all children benefit from a key worker that knows them very well. Our children benefit from small co-horts and staff who share relative information. Children experience consistency and continuity.

Standard 5. I experience a high quality environment

Management continue to provide effective leadership whilst ensuring all staff follow most up to date and current guidelines. We continue to monitor practice to ensure an effective workforce promoting children’s rights, protection, provision and participation.

We  provide a safe, stimulating and warm environment within the setting. Our resources are intended to create provocation and we advocate natural block play in all playrooms and outdoor spaces.


0-2 years
  • Full Day - £47
  • Half Day - N/A
2-5 Years
  • Full Day - £45 (lunch included £3)
  • Half Day - £26

2-3 Years

Within the 2-3 room we encourage children to be actively involved in the learning process.  We ensure all children feel welcome, safe and secure at Nursery.  Each child has their own child’s plan which is reviewed with parents every 3 months.

We motivate children to be independent, confident and successful learners. Children take part in planning, expressing their opinions, feelings.  Learning experiences are planned, responsive or spontaneous and meets the needs, age and staged each individual.

0-2 Years

Within the 0-2 room staff follow pre birth to three guidelines responding to all children’s needs and interests. Staff work closely with parents to create the best care for their child allowing them to become secure safe and confident within their new environment.

Each child benefits from a personalised child’s plan that allows staff to work alongside parents to review and assess children’s development using well being indicators.

All children are respected and supported to become successful learners.


3-5 Years

We provide a framework for planning that allows children to achieve. We have a clear and effective strategy for development and assessment of literacy, numeracy and health and well being.

Children are consulted within their learning and have opportunities to work collaboratively with staff in indentifying their own achievements and planning next steps. This is evidenced within our floorbooks and within wall displays. We have found this approach to planning provides children with responsibility in applying their developed skills.

0-5 years
  • Full Day
  • 8.00-17.00
  • Breakfast - If required served until 9.am
  • Morning Snack
  • 2 Course Hot Lunch
  • Afternoon Snack
2-5 Years
  • Morning Session
  • 8.00-12.00
  • Breakfast - If required served until 9.am
  • Morning Snack
  • 2 Course Hot Lunch
  • -
2-5 Years
  • Afternoon Session
  • 13.00-17.00
  • -
  • -
  • 2 Course Hot Lunch
  • Afternoon Snack